Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On Reading

I love to read. I wish I could read faster. In fact, I borrowed a book from the library on speed reading, but it was due before I finished it (by the way, if you do not have a library card, shame on you). I need to read more and to read better.

It is hard to over emphasize the importance of reading. As one reads, he interacts with others, both living and dead. It is a great way for "iron to sharpen iron." Along the way, I have picked up some suggestions for reading from various sources. Of course, I assume that we are spending considerable amounts of time reading Scripture (see Al Mohler's article linked on my June 9 post below). Nonetheless, here are some suggestions:
  • Read biography - fewer things encourage and build faith like the accounts of those who "sailed through bloody seas."
  • Read theology - If there is one crying need among modern Christians, it is an understanding of basic theological truth.
  • Read perspectives on contemporary issues - This will help to dispel the "head in the sand" mentality that sometimes plagues Christians.
  • Read devotionally - It warms the heart and stirs the passions for Christ.
  • Read the classics - This is where I fail most often, but great literature stimulates the imagination and creative thinking. Creativity mimics the One Who is called the Creator. C.S. Lewis is purported to have said, "We do not need more Christian writers. We need more writers who are Christians."

Nothing will take the place of a book. Read and enjoy.

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