Monday, August 25, 2008

She Said What?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's comments on yesterday's Meet the Press have been all over the talk radio airwaves today. I heard some clips, and I read the transcripts of the interview. Either the Speaker is a typical politician or a bad Catholic. She claims to be an "ardent practicing Catholic" and she actually believes that the Roman Catholic Church is conflicted over the issue of when life begins! Now, I am not a Catholic, but even I know that Roman Catholics have asserted for centuries that life begins at conception and that abortion is considered a sin. How an "ardent practicing Catholic" cannot know this is incredible.

I realize that many in the RCC, especially in the USA, do not agree with the Church's teaching about contraception and abortion; and perhaps Speaker Pelosi is among them. But to assert that the Church is unclear about the issue is just plain nonsense. Her revisionist version of church history makes me wonder: am I a better Catholic than Nancy Pelosi?

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