Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Speaking of Darwin and the Church of England, the whole subject of worldview comes into play. Darwinism and evolutionary theory flows from a naturalistic worldview. That is obvious. What is not so obvious is when a religious body (e.g. the Church of England), one that is expected to speak from a theistic worldview, endorses statements that contradict it's foundation.

Tim Challies posted a recent article about the "coming out" of Ray Boltz. Challies says it is all about worldview. His post is insightful, but some of the responses to the post are, to say the least, interesting. It demonstrates how far we have come in our resistance to calling sin by its name. It appears that many feel that Christians have but two alternatives: call sin sin and be haters, or be tolerant lovers of people.

Is it not possible to see sin in its hideousness and still love people? Apparently, Christians cannot love someone unless we agree with their lifestyle, regardless what our convictions may be.

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