Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On Books, Part 3

My previous postings on books were inspired by this article from the online edition of the WSJ. In this piece, Karl Rove mentions that he “out-read” President Bush in 2005 by 110-95 books. It made me feel like a real sluggard. I mean, President Bush – or any modern president for that matter – does not have a load of free time on his hands, yet he managed to read 95 books in one year. I know some people who have not yet read that many in their lifetimes!

Anyway, I was challenged to diligently improve my reading habits for this year. I am already making progress. I have committed to at least 3 “read this in a year” projects and I am making my way though several books that I have wanted to read.

This post about reading caught my attention. Anything that helps me read better and more productively is most welcome. I hope that this helps you as well.

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Spiceman said...

Ron, Thanks for the links to some great reading tips. I, too, read the WSJ article and was impressed (convicted) that I needed to read more and make better use of my time. Blessings, Dave