Monday, May 11, 2009

The Shack

Several people have asked me if I have read The Shack. I will admit to being a Johnny-come-lately in this. I tend to be contrary about a lot of things, especially when others are “ga-ga” about them. For example, I have yet to see the movie It’s a Wonderful Life even though it has been on television as frequently as any other holiday “classic.” A friend even bought the VHS tape for me some years back, trying to repair my cultural deficiencies. Alas, I still did not watch it. I am now going for a record; to be the only male of my generation in the United States to have never watched this movie (give me National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story any day).

So, when everyone was abuzz over The Shack, my natural inclination was to leave it alone. Fads don’t intrigue me – I do not own a Prayer of Jabez mouse pad or a Purpose Driven Life coffee mug. But, I read recommendations from others that drew me into the book. One person – a graduate from a well-known Christian college – said, “The Shack taught me things about God I never knew before.” Another involved in a Christian ministry said, “Drop what you are doing now, and go out and buy The Shack. You will thank me for it later.” A dear lady in our church told me that she attended a funeral where there were copies of this book available for everyone, because it had so transformed the life of the deceased person.

Wow, how could I not read this book! Apparently my study of the Bible has not been sufficient! I have missed some life-transforming truths by narrowly focusing on God’s Word.

I will be at the Basic’s Conference this week, so posting will be sporadic (like I do this often in the first place). In future posts, I will give you my thoughts on The Shack. I know that you are waiting with bated breath.


robbie kitchokoff-jones said...

yep...wont be able to sleep! (just ordered The Shack from amazon....)

Anonymous said...

How dare we be so narrow minded that we should only rely on the Word of God. I'm sure we know ALL that it has to offer. Can it not be sufficent for us? LOL

Bethanie said...

"...I have missed some life-transforming truths by narrowly focusing on God’s Word."
Your sarcasm is biting, Ron!