Monday, December 28, 2009

The Beagle

I missed this yesterday, but on Dec. 27, 1831, Charles Darwin set sail on The Beagle on a trip that would revolutionize how people think about the origins of life. Much has been said about the controversy between evolution and creationism, and the larger issues of naturalism vs. theism.

It goes without saying that there has been an explosion of technological advancement in the ensuing 178 years since Darwin stepped onto The Beagle. But technology aside, have we really "evolved" as a "species?" Consider:

  • It is difficult to speak about morality because many question the validity of a shared morality. To some, morality is a social construct.

  • We have the technology to prolong life, yet question whether or not we should do so.

  • We can perform surgery in utero while arguing that the fetus isn't a person until it is viable ex utero.

Is it really "change we can believe in?"

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