Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health Care Reform

I spent some time watching the health care debate on C-SPAN and here are a few things I have gleaned from the rhetoric:
  • The President has promised to issue an Executive Order prohibiting federal funds from paying for abortion on demand.
  • An Executive Order cannot trump law. If the bill is signed into law, the Executive Order may be meaningless.
  • The Health Care Bill will require the expansion of IRS staffing to another 17,000, while it makes no provision for any additional physicians or health care workers.
  • The Health Care Bill will prohibit health care providers from discriminating against those with pre-existing conditions. And according to Rep. Woolsley of California, being a woman is a pre-existing condition.

The health care debate is no debate. It is political posturing prior to the vote. It appears to be directed to the viewing public more than offering any substantive debate.

Wouldn’t you love to see, just once, the President stare down the House of Representatives like the British PM does the members of Parliament? That would be fun

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