Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vanity Plates

Vanity plates have long been a means of self-expression. Sometimes it’s fun to guess what the combination of letters and numbers signify. Recently, I followed a new, shiny, black Mercury with titanium wheels, driven by a woman, who from what I could see, was very well dressed. Her license plate read “GD FVR ME.” I assume the message was “God favors me.” I do not know this person, so I could not possibly comment upon the truthfulness of that statement. But as I saw that plate on that car I began to ponder the message.

I have just upgraded my vehicle to a 2001 Buick Century. This was my wife’s car, but we “upgraded” the Buick to a 2001 mini-van. For the past 3 years, my “ride” was a 1993 Chevrolet Lumina. This was a dependable car, although not particularly attractive. I am convinced that a GD FVR ME vanity plate would not have the same impact hanging on my 1993 Lumina.

The message seems to be that if God does favor you, the manifestation of that would be in the form of a shiny, new, black Mercury. I would not be opposed to a new Mercury if God saw fit to bless me with one. However, if God’s expression of favor to me is the forgiveness of sins, peace with God, and the surpassing riches of knowing and loving Jesus, I’ll take the Lumina.

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