Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Day After Election Day

Last week I shared these thoughts at our morning staff devotions. Since we are less than 2 weeks from a historical election, I thought they might be helpful, so here they are:

On the day after election day….

  1. If your candidate wins, it doesn’t mean that God is on the side of your party.
  2. If your candidate doesn’t win, it doesn’t mean that God is against your party.
  3. Whoever wins, he wins by the permission and control of God. Remember that He is sovereign in all things; He establishes rulers and governments.
  4. Whoever wins, it shows that the process still works and we are still a blessed nation.
  5. Nowhere in Scripture does God promise Christians happiness, peace and prosperity. He is not committed to our happiness; He is committed to our holiness.
  6. Whoever wins, it should have no bearing on how we live out our faith. Remember, the most dynamic days of Christian history were during the reign of the Roman Emperors’ who demanded to be worshipped as gods, in a society where slavery was the norm and where human life was so cheap that death was part of the entertainment of the masses.

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Anonymous said...

wow, just for the record I could not disagree with this more.