Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gay Marriage and the Recent Election

Today’s comments by Al Mohler deal with the defeat of ballot issues that would support same-sex unions. Mohler writes;

Without question, that is good news. The vote in California was especially significant, as Proposition 8 allowed the citizens of the nation's most populous state to take the issue back from the state's Supreme Court, which had arrogantly usurped the authority of the people in a 4/3 decision back in May. The 52-48 vote was a clear win for marriage, and a geographical vote distribution chart shows that same-sex marriage has support mainly in the Bay area of San Francisco and neighboring communities. The win in Florida was important because the measure needed 60 percent of the votes in order to pass. It received 62 percent of the votes cast. The Arizona vote was similarly significant -- in this case because that state had been the only state to date to have turned down a similar measure in a previous election.

This election has demonstrated what many have long believed: the general public is not as socially liberal as the media might portray. Given the opportunity to voice their opinion, people demonstrate disapproval for the Gay and Lesbian Agenda. I also think that this would have held true if the Presidential election was cast as a one issue election. Given the dissatisfaction with the current administration, the prolonged war on terror, the tanking economy, and the historical precedent that Barak Obama’s candidacy presented, the abortion issue was moved to the back burner – in spite of many conservatives who tried to bring it to the fore. It is amazing that the same electorate that dealt a serious blow to the legitimizing of same-sex unions also chose the most pro-abortion candidate that this country has ever seen.

If nothing else, the next 4 years will be interesting to watch as the social liberals have control of the executive and legislative offices. Will they represent the will of the people or will they govern by fiat? Time will tell (but don’t hold your breath).

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