Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Reading: Church History

For your summer reading enjoyment, why not try reading church history? Here are 5 books that I recommend:

Church History in Plain Language by Bruce Shelly. Shelly writes in concise sentences for those who may be unaccustomed to more academic treatments. It is available in paperback.

The Story of Christianity by Justio González. This is available in a 2 volume in 1 edition. I am presently reading this book. González writes clearly. Parts of it read like a novel.

Historical Theology by Alister McGrath. McGrath provides us with an interesting combination of theology and church history. In this book, he traces theological controversies and developments. This is a must read for all interested in either or both disciplines.

A Faith for All Seasons by Ted Dorman. For those who may have difficulty with McGrath, this offers essentially the same kind of material on a non-academic level.

Turning Points by Mark Noll. Noll examines “decisive moments” in the history of the church. This is your best bet for a bird’s-eye view of Christian history.

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