Friday, January 1, 2010

Just Wondering...

I read this morning in the Youngstown Vindicator an AP report on a race to save the Tasmanian devil from extinction. According to the story, available here, the animals are falling prey to a deadly form of cancer that is spread by biting in the face, apparently a common practice among Tasmanian devils.

I know that this is an unsophisticated question, but I must ask it: if evolution is the driving force behind life in this world, then why would we dare to interfere with the process? Isn't survival of the fittest what its all about? Should we not expect some species to become extinct in order to give way for the advancement of others?

Is it just me or is there really an inconsistency between the advancement of evolutionary dogma and the frantic - albeit well-meaning - attempts to prevent the extinction of any species?


Jamie said...

I love it - use their own inconsistencies to disprove them! I like your blog...I am still working on trying to like coffee. So far I have only worked up to Capuccino. :) I keep telling myself I am just too young for coffee! HA!

Ron Starcher said...

Thank for commenting. Don't lose hope. Lois was 40 before I converted her to a coffee drinker.