Monday, April 12, 2010

A Century Turns

To see the dawn of a new century is a once-in-a-lifetime event. The transition from the 20th to the 21st centuries will be examined for years to come in scholarly works and articles. The new millennium has ushered in many changes in our world. Entire books could be written on the changes in technology, medicine, science and culture during the last decade of the previous century and the first decade of the current century. William J. Bennett writes about this same period of time but his focus is mainly on politics – the arena to which he has given his adult life. A Century Turns is a survey of the major political events that shaped our nation during this crucial period.

Bennett writes from a decidedly conservative perspective. He shows his affection and admiration for George H.W. Bush, a president who Bennett claims was more prepared for the job than most of the men elected president in his century. Yet though he is conservative, he does not fail to criticize Republicans or praise Democrats when warranted. As a conservative, he does not hesitate to express his admiration for Barack Obama. He clearly states his disagreement with nearly all of President Obama’s political positions. Nonetheless he is impressed that, in our country, a black man who could not obtain credentials to attend the Democratic National Convention could rise to become president 8 years later. He is likewise encouraged that Obama’s election has blunted much of the racism that often adheres to the political process.

Bennett’s writing is clear and engaging. This book is a page turner. For those who are not necessarily interested in politics, this book is an enjoyable read. I highly recommend this work.

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