Monday, December 1, 2008

Bring Back the Old Testament

Reformation 21 contains Part One of a lecture by Ralph Davis on rediscovering the Old Testament for the church. If you are a preacher, this may convict you; regardless, it will delight you. If the OT comprises 2/3 of the Bible, and if it was the Scriptures of the New Testament writers, why do modern evangelicals make such little use of it - unless, of course, we are proof-texting?
The article is lengthy, but it bears careful reading.

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Spiceman said...

Ron, There is definitely a need to study, teach, and preach from the OT. I think some of the reluctance to do so is because it takes a bit of work to understand the text, the culture, and how God is working. It is not always packaged so cleanly and neatly. If you don't teach from the OT where I am living (Israel) you will only have an audience of Westerners who are not your target anyway. I enjoy reading your blog. Blessings, Dave