Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Someone recently said that there are several types of people who blog (besides the mindless morons who think they have something to say). One of those types is a "gleaner." A gleaner surfs and posts the gleanings of his activities. I think I am one of those (I meant gleaner, but if moron is closer to the truth, so be it). I tend to share the stuff that interests me. Today, I have 2 gleanings:

First, I read of the passing of Derek Kidner. Some years ago, I purchased Kidner's little commentary on Proverbs and found it to be so very helpful. Next term, I will use his commentary on Genesis as a text for the class I will teach.

Second is an article on the Christianity of President Bush. The writer does not "bash" the President, instead, Bush's statements say more about American evangelicalism than they do about our President.

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Amy B. said...

Uncle Ron, you have done an excellent job of creating a blog. You have all the points we talk about in the mass media writing class @ Liberty. Good work!