Monday, December 8, 2008

Economy of Words

I am currently studying the book of Genesis for a teaching assignment next semester. As I re-read Gen.1, I was impressed with how the Holy Spirit said so much in so few words. In Gen. 1:1, the account begins in the dateless past when there was nothing except our triune God. By the time we get to Gen. 2:1, we find that the heavens and earth were "finished." In 31 verses, we move from nothingness to the created universe with all its galaxies, stars, and planetary systems, to the earth, a garden with plants and animals, and man made in God's image. This is amazing! Certainly, God does not tell us all that we would like to know. We are left in the dark about how the process worked. But, He has told us what we need to know. So much truth is packed in such a concise amount of space.
As I think of this, Eccl. 5:2 comes to mind. I am so ready to speak, to give advice, and to talk when I have little to say. We who preach and teach the truths of the Word have a great responsibility. That responsibility is not always well served with an over-abundance of words. I am challenged by this to try to say more by saying less. I must be careful that when I say something, I have something to say.

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